McCormick Headshot 12.JPG

Cliff McCormick / C.Kaye

Philomath, Autodidact, Intermittent Physicist, Artist


I like singing and acting; Art broadly.

Photovoltaics and electric vehicles; U.F.T. ; global- "all-points" wi-fi/exoweb/satellite constellation(s) Micro-grids & stationary storage $TSLA $SCTY (ubiquitous education)  and reading.....and travel to mars (Space X FTW) 3D printing generally, fresh water & clean oceans --    at present.

I'd like to work with companies like Tesla Motors, Google, Space X, Solar City.

I want to work with Ron Howard on a film one day.

I'd like to be considered for the role of Jekyll/Hyde in the feature film version of the Wildhorn musical

I like puppies and tapioca pudding...and physics...(gravity is a fascinating phenomenon. #thanks George Gamow -- and Einstein (#Relativitytookme3yrs *grin* -- I got to page 47 or so before I realized that I needed to learn more math HA!!!)

I'd like to play the role of the Phantom on Broadway (or the West End); it was an early dream (and a promise) that I intend to fulfill;live;keep.

I like trying to cultivate my best self.

A friend of mine once told me about this thing she does where every morning she says to her self "Ray-ng" three times..(I guess "ng" basically means.."highest self") and thats the way she starts her day - summoning her best self - I like that. 

I think about my friend Dan, he told me a parable of washing bowls ; diligent attendance to now- be it eating an orange...looking at sunlight on leaves... saying hello to a friend...or...doing the dishes...I try to do the best that I am capable of now..and the rest?