Lao Tzu is epic:an excerpt from a late night read / by Cliff McCormick "tao te ching"...

As I was discussing with my friend Mischa earlier today (THANK YOU Mischa, for your friendship, your council and your example. Great day.)...great literary works are generally considered so because they have withstood the "ultimate test;" "time"

So...if time is an indicator of "quality" or merit or what have you. .. then the "tao" qualifies..... this old book..there is a reference to an "old saying." that just...stands alone in the text.

I figure if a guy like Lao Tzu goes..."oh yeah..and I heard this once. It's kinda important" might be important....and I might be served by giving it some thought from time to time....when I'm not busy...playing with a puppy or something.


"Surrender brings perfection."


Broadly, and with deliberate generality: if one did in theory surrender to their best effort/self....good things..just might result...or so I speculate.

I had a good day.