Random recollections and other instigations of Einstein via late-night perusings of "Relativity" #PartIIChapterTwenty re: equality of inertial and gravitational mass / by Cliff McCormick

What if consciousness was not a local phenomenon? If instead...it was a constituent of an uber-consciousness; something like a God.

It would explain some things.

Ghosts; a flickering; a synapse in a distant mind searching for a piece of what/where/who/when it "was." Elephants' "generational memory." Past-life regression. ESP. Deja vu. Near death experiences (could be an amalgam of the consciousness of the local observers);static..filling in a blank. It would explain super-position it would be an elegant explanation for exotic aspects of string theory, multi-dimensionality, parallel timelines...the concept of an afterlife/death becomes a return; the unboxing/revealing of Schrodinger's Cat...the Gordian Knot of seeming paradox unraveled..every observed logical inconsistency revealed to be just that..and unified in the process; a harmony of discord ... etc... etc... The way things just seem to, "work cuz"...the order in the chaos. And what closer analogue to this perfectly dis-;ordered world..than a mind. The dreamings/musings of a God. A singularity. The observer. Om. The one in all. Tao. Wu. ..... What if consciousness was not a local phenomenon? --- in other news..Hamlet is wonderful. And Hermann Hesse leaves many a bee sans its knees. Tally ho.