re: Drought & the potential for residental, closed-circuit water treatment: "water micro-grids" / by Cliff McCormick

I'm really excited about Janicki Bioenergy -- they are developing bio/solar powered "micro-water grids."

Kinda like how Tesla Motors, in partnership with SolarCity ,are producing "micro-grids" for residential and commercial use.

Renewable, green; storeable - solar energy. *grin*

There are obviously causes for excitement from technological and economic perspectives; but given California's drought -- a "closed," water-storage, filtration, and treatment system, is an imperative.

Re: things like -- photovoltaic powered pumps/compressors; residents could construct mini-towers/water tanks; or *cough* -- re-purpose swimming pools - novel idea (.) and a compelling starting point for a lucrative market that will be necessary/desired.

Turn "swimming pools" into storage for a single-residence, closed-circuit water treatment/processing system; a system with the foot print of a garden-shed or two -- powered by the sun and a Tesla pack. ‪#‎californiadroughtidea‬


The virtue of a system like this other than; retention of California property values; *cough* *pause* #seewhatididthere ? -- is that residents could respond to the continuing drought in a compelling, pro-active and life-sustaining way -- closed systems would allow far far more refinement in efficiency; via active monitoring and feed-back. You will certainly lose water over time to a general sort of attrition *grin*, respiration and sanitation chief contributors; though this is one reason why Janicki Bioenergy is so compelling; they integrate sewage treatment into their system. --Long story short -- every home would do their own water treatment; and they'd pay a monthly? or quarterly? bill to "top off" their system (provided it hasn't rained enough; or they lack sufficiently large personal reservoirs) -- #droughtidea