-an exchange with a friend- / by Cliff McCormick

Read a good book!

I've got a wonderful selection of 100 works of ee cummings (the guy was so damn prolific its nice to have someone else gather some instances of "him" and say -- "hey I like these! check em out!" -- This is good because it is A. beautiful and B. often so evocative that your brain wont have room for woe. *grin* and -- to mix it up -- you could try a copy of "Narcissus & Goldmund" by Hermann Hesse!!! (I'm about half way through -- it's wonderful! ... a great trip for your imagination; ergo you! -- a way of taking a break -- and helping see from a new perspective; Hesse is great at looking at us in his work, word, art. Love the guy -- and if you want to relish the dark & the vibrant -- you could go with "Klingsor's Last Summer" also by Hesse -- F - ING brilliant! The last 3 pages of Klein Und Wagner; I am convinced; if stumbled upon in a dusty old desk drawer in many times in our history -- could literally change a person. It's just so damn vivid; descriptive; it boldly creates a tapestry your brain may not have considered constructing before -- literally gushing forth metaphor and symbol, shadow and light life and death -- in a man willfully falling backward from a boat. F!!! (AND THATS JUST THE MIDDLE STORY!) The full arc is 3 stories 1. A childs heart (the story from the perspective/time of a child) 2. Klein und Wagner (a man in mid-life; his crisis) 3. Klingsors Last Summer -- an artist who senses; sees his imminent end; what he does with his "last summer," and how exquisite he wrought; how brightly; deeply; passionately? furiously? lived -- like how a bulb first shines brighter -- . And those choices with the last fleeting days; between sensation; the sensual; and his art; who IS he after a life? That all examined through the mind of a lifelong painter; who lingers in the hills outside of towns to capture the sunset; forgoing much to see more. ??? Or at least...that is one of the questions I found the story inviting me to inquire ... he rambles. *grin*