Lines of argumentation Re: Unified Field Theory & General Unification via consideration of Planck’s constant / by Cliff McCormick

A Note on “Law of Constant Action”

Ran into R.F. briefly this evening; he posited an interesting proposition re: Planck’s constant – upon first reflection, the direction of his inquisition certainly yields (bears) ample argument (fruit) for the justification of additional inquiry, in part because this method/measure of/for discrete quantization allows for concrete quantification of discrete “quanta;” fundamental packets of mass/Energy. Planck’s constant holds a fundamental place in the framework of our conception of/for the behavior of matter and intervening space‑time, – an exploration of our understanding of the nature of matter via the lens of Planck’s constant, --the minimum energetic threshold a local field/instance must attain, in order to express itself, jump the valence, propagate independently through space-time in the form of the electron; photon; light, collectively; Energy -- could hold tremendous value in assisting in the further synthesis and general apprehension of the fields of physics and chemistry.

See – Boltzmann Distribution, photo-electric effect, limits of Heisenberg uncertainty-, to name a few. Minimum distance for consideration of frequency of lights propagation --- ramble ramble…



A wonderful proposition.

Cheers Professor!