Re: Tesla Entire & Model 3 Event 3/31 / by Cliff McCormick

Notes on Presentation

The scope of narrative/concept and story are integral and considered comprehensively constitute the sum of the potential; as presented/apprehended; at present.

Key points:

  • Be cool. (HA! ) No, but … really – this is about humanity and the visceral.
  1. "3" must be visually gripping – X’s appeal in this regard doesn’t cut it for the lift the "3" is seeking to achieve. What it must be for the company to make the next necessary step.
  2. The customer has to imagine the experience. They have to be helped to “see” themselves experiencing/integrating the product into their lives. (What? How?) #200+ Miles Per Charge(*grin*) , Compelling price, E.V. specific virtues (unprecedented acceleration/performance/ease of maintenance) Model specific special features, myriad implications and advantages of autonomous tech, options with respect to fast charging membership/subscription and access to Tesla Networks/Infrastructure.
  3. For “Tesla Entire” see (Energy/Solutions/Technologies) – there must be weaving along the LARGER narrative too – this is crucial in allowing for the necessary latitude with respect to public perception, anticipation and of perhaps utmost import – expectation. Tesla has to deliver, must continue to innovate, and craft/wring into being, the legend, the path, the product(s) and the solution; the evolution of “Energy” entire. Vis-à-vis the implication of the – sovereignty, freedom, security and choice that distributed energy production/collection and storage represent; light, clean water, heat, education, an uninterrupted internet connection and all that represents (re: google reality 2.0; riftwalking/crossing uncanny valley/V.R.) and of course, sustainable human transport--- to assist in the redefinition of what it means to wake up and live a human life, changing our immediate conception of what we believe to be possible. How can I? ---Energy. Sure, food, water etc.. HA…But Energy. THAT is the macro. And THAT Tesla can deliver. --- In chapters and moments and months and quarters and years; delivered in beats … along with which, things like markets and the sentiment they constitute, might come to be in better keeping with the rhythm of Tesla's rhyme…*grin* – Engage; convince, ergo evince. – Do they see/imagine – Do they feel??? (With respect to the above, of course, not all at once, the centerpiece for 3/31 is "3", but setting the the narrative architecture, trajectory and scope for Tesla broadly even in vaguely suggested, intimated outline helps coordinate expectation and "forethwart" inevitable "trollery" while at the same time mediating and alleviating to some degree the pressure on "3" and the critical though hardly comprehensive role it plays in Tesla's portfolio. In short and as always; there is more to the story. *grin*)
  4. Gotta be sexy, re: Elise/Roadster. The S strikes a nigh perfect balance in this sense. (Much can be said of the X – beyond the intention/scope of this communique ±)
  5. Have Fun --- Get good sleep. Eat an orange and have an avocado that day, consider petting a puppy and have a good personal playlist on the lead up – a random assortment/selection of suggestions that I’d consider leading up to a presentation like this to get you in the right frame/energy/swing/mood –(see:swagger/smoove/cool) *grin*

 ---You got this E.

Cheers !

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