Tesla, SolarCity, & Liberty For All. / by Cliff McCormick

Long story short – welcome to the future.

It’s a bit of a shock – but in truth, of the momentous catalysts on the horizon (see: ubiquitous high speed wifi/connectivity, A.I., P.rimary I.nterface (advance/shift) etc…) this one about solar panels is not too difficult to “square to the good” as Socrates almost certainly never said.

Change is coming as fast as the charge.

The E in E.V.  – yeah that electric bit.

Solar panels help with that.

SolarCity produces highly efficient solar panels and are in the process of finalizing construction of the largest solar panel manufacturing facility (Riverbend ‘gigafactory’) in North America in Buffalo New York. This is pertinent in the capital leverage that it represents, in addition to the advantages of “vertical integration” to Tesla’s gain; this taking “in house” the ability to deliver to every customer their own “fuel depot/station” in addition to true Energy Sovereignty, Liberty, perpetual in-situ, on site, energy production and storage.

Energy sovereignty is going to be a fundamental expectation of the future. Like reliable communications devices, and data networks today. Distributing energy infrastructure into community “hubs” at the neighborhood and individual home level, allows for a degree of energy security and robustness that far exceeds the capabilities (while avoiding key liabilities and weakness) of sole reliance on the traditional (legacy) grid as we have known it.

The story of human history has involved a perpetual necessity to go out, bring in, and burn, consume energy, often somewhere down the line as oil or coal, to get to work, to grow the food, to power the appliance, to heat the water, to pump the water, to power the television and gaming console, the internet modem and router, the air conditioner, the oven, the automobile et. al ---

Tesla Energy changes the equation. It’s not perpetual motion, because the system receives energetic input from the sun everyday, but it may as well be, because if implemented effectively, your internet is always on, your refrigerator is always cold, your oven is always hot, your lights are on, your Model 3 is fully charged – after a single initial capital investment--- (here’s the liberty bit) a substantial portion of what was a regular expense can be bundled into a singular, freeing consideration --- do you want to bundle your power?

Instead of piecemeal - subject to the vagaries, contortions and unfortunate distortions of markets –one can largely free themselves of the consideration of crude; “Price Per Barrel.”

Pair powerful, modular, and mobile --power generation and storage, with advances in home design – and you have a recipe for the next-generation “life equation”, a new level of liberty, and a different kind of freedom, -- where innovation has outpaced the necessity of persistent acquisition and burn --

Efficient, effective, energy; as sure as the sunrise.

This is the future…

Coupled with the rapid rise of college tuition, and the increasing quality, breadth, depth and availability of educational resources online – in 2020 what is a better investment of 100,000?

A smart, connected, forward thinking and durable modular modern home powered by Tesla Energy in Austin or Melbourne or Cairo? A home that requires very little additional input to keep the occupants whole, happy, vibrantly alive and engaged with their local and global community?

Or a “sensible” MBA?


I’ll take the awesome future home, a cup of coffee, participating in the augmented and virtual engagement economy, authorship, creative collaboration and expression, all with a low overhead – powered by Tesla Energy --- and their solar panels.

“2020 me” can’t help but admire the savvy of that SolarCity acquisition those four fast and exceptionally dense years ago.


 And now, about this … truck *grin*