Excerpt from an online exchange ...re: today / by Cliff McCormick

cliffmccormick | February 13, 2015


Is it your contention that every choice made by capitalists has been in the best interest of the planet and its people?

That there are NO ill effects of the unbridled pursuit of the bottom line?

There are not massive, as of yet, unquantified repercussions of the decisions of business interests vis-a-vis OUR oceans.

Are you suggesting that there is not ample evidence to suggest that there are better more equitable means/methods/philosophies for a more equitable AND profitable distribution; means of access to things like healthcare and education?

If your argument is that the world is NOT at present a smoldering untenable ruin; you are correct; if however you seek to argue that the trajectory set by the most ardent and successful of our worlds capitalists up to present has not exacted a cost that must be borne by all involved (oddly socialist no? Privatized the profits, but share the dying oceans...sounds wal-mart to me! *grin*)

I swore I'd not engage in these debate again, silly; an education fills in these blanks sufficiently; empowering choice; many CHOOSE to call red cubes green triangles; in which case, nothing can be done; and for that I am alternately disappointed and grateful.

Ahh humanity!

Regardless, I hope this finds you very well!

Cheers (redacted)