A note on general inquiry: / by Cliff McCormick

A note on general inquiry: most texts are derivative works. This is interesting; because, almost like an inverted pyramid; or flashlight; one work, like Albert Einstein’s “Relativity” (published 1905/16) serves as the primary foundation for several subsequent works/fields/areas of relevant scientific inquiry. So; reading a “primary source” (of sorts) like Einstein’s Relativity; yields; arguably (arguably definitely) more, than reading a derivative.


Harvard Classics (Plato, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius etc) Vol II. For “Greek Philosophy” (an excellent investment in your time and future to read; plus its wonderful; my favorite section ended up being the “Golden Sayings”…written by a former slave; released in his old age; named Epictetus. Yeah; the origin of epic; and if not – should be. *grin*

Which is to say, that if one wanted to learn exponentially, in several disciplines, (thereby drastically improving every “Tomorrow” metric one could endeavor to quantify) one would focus first on reading  “primary sources”  in major disciplines for a year or two.

Like...Philosophy, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, History


This would allow an individual to hone and discover their interests and pursuits; majors, goals, ideas and conceptions of who one could be; futures one could aspire to assume.

Better informed choices.

Education is essential.

A primary endeavor.

It allows more.


Scientia Potentia Est