Re: Global drought (California/Texas/Brazil) - Solar Powered Desalination / by Cliff McCormick


Let's get building! (3D printing)

See now THAT should be the future of "global oil"...use the capital acquired from fossil fuels; NOT the fossil fuels; the profit that hitherto has been generated. And apply ALL of it to the next "THING EVERYONE NEEDS" -- NO ONE can match that AAPL's "cash on hand" is a joke compared to what oil has done.

THEY are uniquely qualified/capable; really the ONLY ones; who could MAKE clean accessible water happen..AND do something about rising water levels to boot??? AND generate incredible profits that people will CHEER ON! Because every plant you bring on line is more FOOD and water and LIFE to people.

AND...have a forward looking revenue stream; superior to OIL; because you can establish the infrastructure and rendering "islanding" largely moot; because you offer the cost advantage; you can CREATE/SET the market...but you can do it clean; AND you can be a hero; AND you've got GUARANTEED GROWTH for the next 30+ YEARS!!!


I'd be honored to help.